Get ready for Windows 8

Microsoft recently announced that it's sold 150 million copies of Windows 7 since it launched a few months ago. To put that in perspective, it's seven copies every second.

But the computing giant - still smarting from being overtaken by Apple as the world's highest-value tech company - is quietly beavering away on Windows 8. And, thanks to a leak this week of some internal documents to an Italian tech blog, we've got a glimpse of what they're working on.

No doubt there'll be lots of under-the-hood performance wonkery, but there's no shortage of cool features you'll actually notice, too. It looks like Windows 8 will have some of the movement-tracking features recently announced for XBox 360 as 'Kinect.' It also looks like your computer will log you on and off automatically when you sit in front of it and go away again, based on face-recognition software. Which is pleasingly Mission Impossible-esque.

Sadly Windows 8 isn't due to be actually released until 2012, so we'll have to wait and see what other delights are included. Hopefully some random Italian blog will get some more exclusive insights before then...

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