Get ready for the 3D camcorder

3D! 3D! 3D! Are you bored yet?

Electronics companies are gambling you're not, and in fact that you're prepared to spend hundreds of pounds upgrading all your kit to the third dimension over the next few years. We know about 3D TVs, but what if you want to produce your own immersive masterpiece?

It looks like it's Panasonic who are going to win the race to bring the first 3D camcorder to market, with the snappily-named HDC-SDT750. (We'd have put '3D' in the name somewhere, but what do we know?)

The bad news is that the 3D support is a bit fiddly. As Engadget reports, you have to snap on an extra 3D lens which divides the image and feeds it into the otherwise-standard 1080p sensor. But we think the bigger question might be what the hell ordinary people have to film that could possibly benefit from being in 3D. Seriously! How action-packed are these people's weddings?

Well, if you fancy proving us wrong, you only have to wait until October. Oh, and save up $1399.

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