Get ready: Fire!

Murmurs and anticipation abound concerning the brand spankingly new Motorola Fire handset, and now Motorola have handed the new phone, which sports a qwerty keyboard, a late September release date to whet the appetites of all you smart phone enthusiasts.

Unfortunately though, the new phone is not quite as exciting as we first thought, with it having to make do with a 600MHz processor with the rumoured 1GHz processor not coming to pass.

The Motorola soundbite promises 'colour, fun and functionality' for the new handset. That sounds promising. To be more specific, that means a 2.8-inch QVGA touchscreen nestled above the physical QWERTY keyboard in a power-bar form factor. So it's not the pure-touch device that was originally mooted under the Fire monicker.

Other smart features include a 3MP camera, Android 2.3, Wi-Fi and an FM radio. And what's more the battery will last for eight hours.

So should you be getting fired up about this new phone or wait for the next new smartphone that's just around the corner? We'll leave this up to you but we reckon that if you miss out, then there's likely to be something else out there that will trounce this effort's spec. Keep an eye out on Digitaledge for more news!

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