Get paid to game

Loyalty cards! Aren't you sick of them? You've got one for every supermarket you've ever been in, plus Boots and various garages? And you never remember to use them, they just take up space in your car. Why can't you get loyalty points for something you actually enjoy doing? Like playing games?

Well - you guessed it! - now you can. Microsoft has just announced that its XBox Live Rewards loyalty scheme, which it' been trialling for a while, is launching offically in the US and UK. You can hit up the XBox website right now and sign up!

Engadget has a handy chart of the things that'll earn you Microsoft Points - it's largely what you'd expect: renewing your subscription, making purchases on XBox Live, etc. We don't think it's going to pay your electricity bill, but it might mean a free Live Arcade game every few months, and that's not to be sniffed at, right?

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