Get an Epson d120 printer on sale

The Epson d120 printer is amazingly fast and compact. It is great for a home or small business. Right now they are on high demand and very hard to find. In this article we will look at where these printers can be found at the best price, so you can get your new printer today.

Websites to Visit

When buying a printer online, there are so many websites and selections that it is confusing to know which one to buy. It is important to know where to get the best prices. You can find the printer that you’re looking for, and much more on the following websites:

  • epson.co.uk
  • avforums.com
  • trentads.co.uk


At Epson.co.uk the Epson d120 is only £52.16. Avforums.com has a listing for this printer, second hand, for only £45.00. Trentads.co.uk has the printer listed for £60.00. These deals were not easy to find and this printer is in high demand. If this is the printer that you want, it is best to take advantage of these deals now, because these printers are moving fast.

Ink Cartridges

Now, take a look at the great deals that you can get on ink cartridges. You can find great prices for its ink cartridges at Amazon.co.uk for very low prices. Here you can get an 8-cartridge multipack for only £6.95. Viking-direct.co.uk has black ink cartridges available for as low as £7.89. Cartridgeshop.co.uk has some amazing deals, as well. Right now, you can get a compatible colour 9-pack, plus 5 free black cartridges for only £29.88. These printers are going fast, so you better get started buying your Epson d120 printer right now!

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