Get addicted to Virgin's new deal

Now, we all know that getting yourself tied down to an 18 month contract and a phone that sooner or later your going to hate like your malingering mother-in-law can be a bad thing, but the rates offered on them are sop juicy you just have to take the hit.

But all that has come to and end now that Virgin Media have started their Addict tariff on pay as you go, which gives you unlimited texts and access to the internet.

If you top up £20 every month you get 1GB of internet access (what Virgin say is unlimited doesn't quite fit the definition, but it should be enough), and if you want more you can download another 25MB per day for 30p, which is quite handy, and cheap. If you don't fancy spending £20 a month, then for £10 you will get 300 free texts, and for £15 a month you get 600 texts a month. All of which is a pretty handy deal.

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