Get a new laser printer on sale

It won’t be hard to find a new laser printer on sale on the Internet. There are a ton of printers to choose from and many websites are carrying them for low, low, prices. Laser printers are on sale in particular. This article will help you find the right laser printer for your home or business.

Sales Online

Printerland.co.uk has a Samsung ML-3310ND for only £124.98, the best part is it is only £45 after an £80 rebate, and it comes with a 5-year warranty. They also have a Lexmark C543dn colour laser printer for half price. It will be shipped with colour and black ink cartridge. This printer would be great for a small business and it is only £135.00.

Another site that carries laser printers on sale is Itcsales.co.uk. This site is currently having a sale on Dell laser jet printers. Get a Dell 2230D for only £71.00; it was formally £85.20. A Dell 2330DN is on sale for only £99.00, it used to be £118.80. There is also Dell 1130 Network Laser Printer, which is normally £114.00, now on sale for £95.00.

Other Sites to Visit

If you don’t mind getting a laser printer second hand, Preloved.co.uk has some super cheap deals available. Get a Samsung ML-1910 b/w laser printer for only £25. Also, you can buy a HP 13400n Laser printer in excellent condition £40. There is also a HP Colour Laser jet 3550 for £70 and a Dell 1110 Laser printer £5. Talk about great prices!

Other sites you can visit to save money include:

  • amazon.co.uk
  • ebay.co.uk
  • brother.co.uk
  • canon.co.uk


Don’t forget to order your accessories when ordering you new printer, this way you can start using it right when it arrives. Most of the sites listed above will sell you ink cartridges along with the printer. It may save you a little money to order them separately from eBay, Amazon, or speciality websites that sell mainly printer accessories. These sites probably carry them in stock at much better prices. Now its time to find your new laser printer on sale.

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