Get a date this weekend with Are You My Wife

If you've not heard of Allan Wills, you'll be seeing his name popping up in the media as his one year quest draws to a close. And what a quest it has been.

This is the man who is willing to go anywhere in the world to figure out: Are you my wife?

A perplexing question no doubt, so what's the background? WebTwitcher will use his own words: "My name is Allan Wills and I will go anywhere in the world for the right date. I will leave no stone unturned and no avenue unexplored. You can play by: (1) Inviting me on a date, (2) Ask me to do something for you or (3) Help from the outside; suggest, advise or contribute. WE are making the rules up as we go, so feel free to contact me... whoever you are, wherever you be. But know this: I'm in no rush ... "

Ladies, if you fancy your chances with Allan Wills, best drop him a line fast. He's currently in Thailand and his quest ends on the 24th July.

Have you been on a date or are you trying to get a date with Allan? WebTwitcher wants to hear from you...

...and is now considering asking Allan to be her life assistant for a week. Hmmmm...Allan? What are you up to at the start of July?


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