The Best Georgian Style Alarm Clocks

If you're redecorating your bedroom, try using a Georgian style alarm clock. These clocks are part of British classical decor, and are valued today as a prized antique. It’s possible to buy these clocks at antique shops and at different prices depending on their historical value.

Antique Pre-1900

There are different websites that offer Georgian style alarm clocks. The prices depend on the condition and antiqueness of every timepiece offered for sale. The price for pre-1900 models is around £1400. It's always advisable to consult with an expert prior to acquiring these antique timepieces. Characteristics of a typical antique Pre-1900 models include:

  • Good Quality long case
  • Fair conditions considering that they were originally made starting 1780
  • Eight day movement strikes
  • Height 84'', trunks width 14'', hood and base width 20'', depth 10''

Georgian mahogany 8-day moon roller grandfather clock

This impressive Georgian mahogany inlaid grandfather clock with a painted front measures approximately 25.5'' x 10'' d x 97, and could retail between £4000 and £5000. Stores that sell these clocks usually accept debit and credit cards. They also offer delivery options for local buyers.

British tradition country Georgian clock

This model is crafted from a combination of Eastern white pine and other kiln-dried selected hard woods. There's a wide variety of colours available, depending on the particular finish and craftsmanship. The dimensions are 21.5''w x 11''d x 78''h and the price starts at £600.

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