We review the George Foreman Grill 13185

Few could possibly have predicted the dramatic change in direction that George Foreman's career would take as he took to the ring in his final fight against Shannon Briggs in November of 1997 aged almost 49.

Although the George Foreman grill had been available for three years at that stage, no one could have possibly foreseen how popular it would go on to become in just a few short years.

Created and built by Russell Hobbs Inc., a Florida based manufacturer of electronic home appliances, the grill became associated to Foreman as the company were seeking a spokesperson for their brand new fat-reducing grill. Given that Foreman had just regained the world heavyweight boxing championship, a feat he had put down in part to good, healthy eating, he seemed the perfect fit for the company, and a partnership was soon born.

Seventeen years and more than 100 million grills later, the George Foreman grill range is as popular as ever, and Russell Hobbs have been sure not to rest on their laurels. They've been continually tweaking and reinventing the technology behind the appliance in order to stay one step ahead of their competition at all times.

This latest grill, the George Foreman Grill 13185, may sound like some space age variation given the array of numbers at the end!

What this one offers that the previous ones didn't is a series of easily removable, replaceable plates which each specialised in cooking a different type of food. With these plates you can griddle, bake and grill as well as prepare omelettes or healthy snacks.

It's also got full angle control, ensuring that you can adjust it to suit any surface or cooking type, and its floating hinge ensures that you'll have no problem preparing even the thickest juicy steaks!

If you're looking for a new grill, we can't say enough great things about the George Foreman Grill 13185!

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