Geometry Dash Lite cheats and tips guide

The free version of Geometry Dash called Geometry Dash Lite is just as addictive as the full one so no wonder you’re searching the web for Geometry Dash Lite cheats, hints and tips. Even though you only get the first 6 levels on this version, you might need help to progress.

Geometry Dash

You'll need persistence to unlock new colours and icons for your square and rocket on Geometry Dash Lite. Completing the levels unlocks new icons and allows you to unlock colours but you can short cut this with by downloading a hack.

Hacks on offer

The truth is that there aren’t too many Geometry Dash Lite cheats on offer through the web but you can download a lot of different hack programs that offer things like unlimited stars, and high scores that’ll impress your friends. Other hacks offer unlimited coins as well as high scores and stars, and most are available for Android and iOS devices. Some of these hacks offer trainer options to help you in the game without a root or jailbreak.

Where to find them

Rather than searching Google for these hacks, you should search youtube.com because that’s where a lot of programmers are choosing to showcase their wares. Other sites worth considering for cheats on this game, and others that are frustrating you, include gamewise.co/games and gamesdreams.com. Forums are another source of information on games and cheats, but who really wants to scroll through comments by frustrated gamers to find that one nugget of great information?

Final word

Perhaps there aren't many Geometry Dash Lite cheats out there because this is such a simple and addictively playable little game. If you're no longer challenged by the the game, why not invest some cash in the full length game that offers an additional 10 levels of game play and some additional features not present on the free version.

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