Genius? Mental?

We've seen some wacky peripherals in our time, but this might just take the biscuit. The N-Control Avenger, a case/add-on for the standard Xbox 360 controller, is basically the maddest thing we've seen for some time. It looks like something the baddie from Human Centipede would have designed. And yet, there's method in the steam-punky madness.

Those odd, intestine-like tubes you see infesting the Avenger like neural implants festoon the head of a member of the Borg? They've levers. They let you press the B, X and Y buttons with your fingers - meaning you never have to take your thumb away from the right analogue stick to fire. This is super-useful, N-Control reckon, for games like Bulletstorm which use both analogue sticks to move you around.

And, it seems, it works. Engadget say: 'At first this does feel a little awkward and cumbersome, but within an hour, flicking prongs and nudging levers felt natural and organic. Not only could we access game functions like reload, jump, and melee quicker, but doing it just felt better.'

The N-Control Avenger is out now in the US, for $49, and we reckon you might be able to track down an import at your nerdiest nearby games store.

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