Geeks only

Oh for God's sake. We know the iPad is supposed to be the ultimate portable computer, but this is a bit ridiculous.

Got an iPad? Like to take it out and about? Then, presumably, you've got some sort of shoulder bag to put it in. Or a little tote. Or one of the millions and millions of bags that its petite little body can fit into.

But perhaps that's not enough? Perhaps what you really want is to have your iPad strapped to your body in some bizarre way, so at any moment you can unzip it and have it flip out, resting on straps hanging from your torso, as if you're some sort of cyborg bloody Koala?

Well, if that sounds like you, you're in luck. Alphyn Industries have made a jacket with you in mind. It has a zip-up pocket which your iPad fits snuggly in, well, at least as long as you don't reach over a car seat or anything hard. The pocket flips down to provide a little resting spot for the 'Pad, so you can tap away to your heart's content two-handed.

God, explaining it like that it actually sounds worth having. But it's not. It's ridiculous. Take a look at Engadget's photos if you don't believe us.

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