Geeks in love

Ever since the webcam and web video were invented, the internet has been awash with idiots - and, in fairness, a few non-idiots - blathering on about politics, telling oh-so hilarious stories, or just swearing a lot.

Occasionally, though, the webcam is put to good use. Like this. A couple of weeks ago, a mysterious message appeared on Gizmodo, the popular US tech blog. It asked readers to record themselves saying 'Katie, will you marry me?' and send the video in.

Now, we know why. Well, we kinda guessed, but the results are lovely. It turns out a Gizmodo reader named Sean wanted help proposing to his girlfriend - you guessed it, Katie. At the weekend, the video appeared on Gizmodo. Sean and Katie came back from a date, sat down, and Sean mentioned a cool new web video he wanted to show her. And instead of a cat falling down the stairs or a drugged child's rantings, Katie saw marching bands, random strangers - and Sean, in a rather dashing hat - ask her to marry him a bunch of times.

She cried. And said yes.

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