Recently, in a bunker buried deep below the New Mexico desert carved out of the hidden pile of Atari ET cartridges, the Council of Geek Elders held a meeting.

(Including such luminaries as Steve Wozniak, Tim Berners-Lee and, through a top-secret spectral interface, the ghost of Alan Turing, the Council of Geek Elders is the secret organisation which co-ordinates the march of technology around the world.)

'Our people have endured much recently,' said Tim Berners-Lee solemnly. 'They endured the misery of Windows Vista with much fortitude, and now we test them with the iPhone 4 magic spot of bar-drop misery.'

'They need a sign,' agreed Steve Wozniak. 'Something to restore their faith in the magic of geekery.'

'But what? We have no magical new gadgets ready to unleash on the world. What about something else... a video?'

'Yes. What about the god of tech music, Gary Numan? We could get him to do a new version of 'cars'.'

'But it must be extra special. He should play it on...'

'I know! He could play it on actual cars!'

'You truly are wise, o wise one.'

'Tell you what, though. We've blown this year's budget on free iPhone 4 bumpers, so we'd better get a car battery company to pay for it.'

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