Geek Barbie

She's been a waitress, a surfer, a teacher... but in a sign of the times that's only about fifteen years too late, Barbie has finally followed much of her (perenially 20-something) generation and got a job at a trendy web startup.

Yes, Computer Engineer Barbie has arrived. And, well, we'd sure like to be a programmer where she works. With snazzy cyber-sleeved jacket and wicked pink shades, she'd be too funky for Microsoft and too glamourous for Facebook. Still, with her laptop (pink) and smartphone (yes, pink) she's certainly well-equipped for her new 21st Century career.

Anyway, if you'd like to show your young daughter that pretty girls can work computers, Computer Engineer Barbie is out now in the States for $12.99, and should be in Europe soon.

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