Gears of War stomps Golden Joysticks

Hard on the heels of last week’s videogame BAFTAs come the Golden Joystick awards, first announced on Friday. Voted for by gamers – rather than a panel of ‘experts’ – the big winner was Gears of War – stomping angrily off in a tight tactical formation with the Ultimate Game of the Year, Xbox Game of the Year, Nuts All-Nighter and Editor’s Choice awards.

Folk at Wii Sports had to make do with a single gong, the Sun Family Game of the Year, though Nintendo’s console did win an award as Innovation of the year. Seems that when it comes to actual gamers’ votes, heavy military hardware and blowing things up is still what keeps us up into the small hours...

What’s your fave game and why?

(Image: from gamerscoreblog’s Flickr stream) 

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