Gay Tony trailer released

So, remember how we told you that a video trailer of the latest episode of GTA4, The Ballad Of Gay Tony, was going to be released yesterday? Well it was, and very good it looks too. (See below.)

So far what we can tell is that you’ll be playing as Domenican-born Luis Lopez, not as Gay Tony, which is a bit of a disappointment (maybe Rockstar didn’t think that people would buy a game where they played as a gay lead – a shame), but the film does show that you chase people around a golf course on a buggy, parachute out of a helicopter, ride a train and do lots of shooting, all the while with glamorous nightclubs playing all sorts of hot dance tunes.

It being GTA, it is of course bound to be at the very least worth the £16 or so they’re going to charge you for it, so stay with us and we’ll keep you posted about release dates and what have you.

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