Gaming heaven

No matter how advanced consoles get, real hardcore gamers can always be found on alarmingly high-spec PCs. Now a PC package has come along that might just be the shoot 'em up addict's dream.

The catchily-named Digital Storm 3D Vision Surround BlackOPS Package packs a 3.25Ghx Intel Core i5 multi-core processor, which is geek for 'it's really, really fast'. (If you want it even faster, it can be upgraded to a 2.8GHz Core i7. We don't see how that's faster, but apparently it is. It's confusing these days. Bring back Pentiums, we say. Anyway.)

Most excitingly, though, it comes with an absurd three 23-inch, 1080p compatible, 3D compatible monitors. (And 3D glasses.) That gives you a panoramic 5760×1080 gaming world, over two metres wide, to roam around in (thanks to Gizmodo for doing the maths).

Interested? The package can be yours for just $2800. You might want to put a few thousand aside for an extension to your house while you're at it.

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