The best Rockstar games for the Xbox

Rockstar games is the brand that brought us Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, L.A Noire, the controversial Manhunt, Midnight Club and other huge games. These games are enjoyed by millions around the world, and here we will look at some of Rockstar's best games for Xbox.

1. Red Dead Redemption. The Red Dead series began with Red Dead Revolver for the Xbox back in 2004. 2010 saw the sequel Red Dead Redemption released for the 360. The game is about John Marston hunting down his former gang members. His journey is a long one, meeting some interesting people along the way. He makes money as he goes by skinning animals, playing poker and even picking flowers. It won many awards - including one for the soundtrack.

2. L.A Noire. L.A Noire is a game that received mixed reviews from critics. In our opinion, it's a great game - you play as policeman Cole Phelps as he works his way from traffic, homicide, vice and arson. Cole Phelps is a man with bad memories from the war and has various flashbacks. You follow him as he works his way up, from finding clues at crime scenes to reading peoples facial expressions to find out if they are lying during interrogation.

3. GTA IV. Most of Rockstar’s games are greeted by controversy and GTA IV was no different, with the likes of George Galloway, Jack Thompson and Hilary Clinton criticising the game. The story of this game follows Niko Bellic who flees Eastern Europe to Liberty city. His cousin Roman welcomes him to his new home and it doesn’t take Niko long to make friends and enemies. The story line in the game will have you hooked, and is difficult to turn the computer off between missions!


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