Gameboy goodies

The Nintendo DS may have taken over, but we keep stumbling across the humble Gameboy. It seems the little grey box has been around long enough to invoke some serious soft-focus nostalgia.

So here’s how to transport yourself back to the good old days of playing Mario in the playground:

A Japanese company is offering funky disco boots with Gameboys built into the soles. We particularly like the lemon-yellow Pikachu platforms. When the party’s over, pop the Gameboy out and play! And because you’ll always have a pair, it should spawn a whole new set of chat-up lines.

If the chat up lines don’t work, how about snuggling up to your Gameboy at night? These handmade plush toys may not have the Gameboy function – but they have the Gameboy soul!

Or you could dig your broken Gameboy out of the attic and convert it into a decorative ornament. Even if it no longer plays games, it still deserves your love.

They’re timeless, they’re classy, they’re classic. So go on! Pick up a Gameboy again.

(Image: from Swiss James’ flickr stream)

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