Game to close 19 stores

GAME have announced that they are due to close 19 of their stores over the next few weeks in an effort to cut costs, as part of the store closure plans they announced last April.

The company had previously announced that they were closing 85 of their 635 UK stores by Christmas 2013, as it looks to move further towards digital ‘alternatives’ in the their flogging of video game goodness. Presumably that means becoming a serious challenger to Play and Amazon, and downsizing the number of staff they need to employ.

‘This was part of a detailed review to ensure that our stores are in the right locations for our customers, and we have already started to move some locations accordingly,’ said regional managing director for GAME Group UK, Eire, Scandinavia & Czech Republic Martyn Gibbs to MCV. ‘This is never easy news to announce and I am fully aware of the impact of these decisions on our people. We are fully committed to finding alternative roles for those who are potentially impacted by the decisions.’

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