GAME over?

Sad news for some of you who love to rummage around the bargain bucket in GAME, trading in games and maybe even being sad enough to play on the in-store console, as if you don’t have any friends of your own. Jesus, you’re such bunch of losers. Anyway, where were we? Oh yes, GAME is going to be shutting down 127 stores in the UK by 2013, leaving only 550 stores left by the end of the cull.

This comes after the company announced a 28 per cent drop in profits (not a loss, a drop in profits. They still made a profit, for God’s sake) and the subsequent announcement of CEO Lisa Morgan’s resignation. Of course, seeing as we get all our games through Play or Amazon we shouldn’t be whining about this, but whine we will. DOWN WITH THIS SORT OF THING.

‘We continue actively to review our UK store base, with a view to minimising store overlap and maximising opportunities from lease expiries, breaks and rent reviews,’ chairman Peter Lewis stated. ‘Operationally we have continued to derive benefits from the integration of GAME and Gamestation. We have also rationalised our store and head office cost base which, in conjunction with the store closures, will result in savings of a further £5m in each of the next two years.’

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