Game on? Stay safe with these Game Boy condoms

Condoms, eh? They can advertise 'em, give 'em away at Freshers' fairs, or paint them all sorts of colours and flavours, but still people don't wear 'em quite as often as they should.

Maybe these nifty Game Boy condoms could do the trick - amongst the geek community, at least. With names like Donkey Schlong and Sextris, they bear a striking resemblance to the cartridges of the beloved games console - putting, as Engadget put it, 'a whole new spin on the idea of power-ups.'

Ingeniously, the retro-johnnies - designed by 21-year-old (!) Loughborough student Ben Marsh - even come in a Game Boy-shaped box! The talented Mr. Marsh, who obviously had a bit of a thing for Mario as a youth, also offers up a Mario-themed animation of an extract from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Obviously.

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