Game girls in the UK ready for online action

A third of all gamers in the UK are now women, according to an article on the BBC today. There is even a group dedicated to getting more girls involved in the gaming world - the Frag Dolls - who have a podcast you can add to your MIX page as an RSS feed, if you want to stay on top of the female gaming world. The Frag Dolls have been specially selected by gaming company Ubisoft to promote gaming to the fairer sex...I wonder what their success rate is?

It's certainly a large market - and Sony is gearing up to excite the younger female generation by luring them with bright pink playstations in the very near future (no doubt in time for Christmas). I hope they come with fluffy joysticks. If you're looking for something a little less stereotypical, ThumbBandits is a good place to stop by, the self proclaimed "purveyors of female gaming without the pink". WebTwitcher particularly likes Gadget Candy, which has everything for the modern girl gamer (and a host of girl guide gadgets to boot). Add their RSS feed to your MIX page and turn yourself into a true female gaming guru.

If you're looking to dabble, take a look at Excite's Games channel and experiment with some addictive puzzle and strategy games to test your abilities!

WebTwitcher wants to hear from you if you're a girl gamer...let me know what you think of the gaming world in the UK at the moment, and if there are any good site or blogs out there that need a mention.


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