A quick review of Galaxy Note 2

Amazingly, Samsung now calls its Galaxy Note 2 a smartphone. It is definitely more wonderful, now that it has a more colourful 5.5-inch HD screen. In fact, its larger size and more powerful features are enhanced with its better S Pen functionality. Its large size may be a characteristic to dislike, but there are other features worthy of praise.

Design and size of the Galaxy Note 2

The appearance of Galaxy Note 2 still carries the Samsung look. If you have seen Galaxy S3, then you will notice the same glossy surfaces, round corners, stylus, and more. When compared to its predecessor, the Galaxy Note, it is relatively larger, yet more powerful.

The size may bother some users, but at least it can still fit in the pocket. Its size is perfect for watching videos, though. It has a 5.5-inch HD screen, a resolution of 1280x720 pixels, and 16:9 aspect ratio to fit the standard wide screen graphics.


The device uses an Exynos quad core processor with up to 1.6GHz processing power coupled with 2GB of RAM. In other words, it is really fast for a handy electronic device. As compared to the slower Galaxy S3, the speed is definitely noticeable.

S Pen functionality

Just like its predecessor, it uses an S Pen stylus. The two versions are basically the same. However, the new stylus is a bit shorter and has new tricks up its sleeve. For example, it has the Air View capability, which allows the screen to sense the stylus without actual contact. The S Pen slot on the right hand side of the device is for ease of use.


When it comes to speed, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 is fantastic. It allows users to easily browse through files and the Internet with ease. Nonetheless, it can be too big to be considered a normal phone. In fact, it may seem to be really weird to hold it against the ear when somebody calls.

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