Gaga is the word

Putting on her best Poker Face despite a long night out, the superstar singer faces the scrum of Paparazzi from behind the safety of her sunglasses. Keeping her mobile Telephone clamped to her ear throughout, though she's not really talking to anyone, she wonders whether this daily hassle is too high a price to pay for The Fame she's been blessed with. All she wanted was to Just Dance. But even as she ducks and weaves her way through the flashbulbs, she smiles to herself, for the paps haven't noticed her secret. Those pictures they're getting of her? Useless. They won't be able to sell them to a single reputable publication, because her sunglasses' built-in screens are displaying a simple message: 'F*** Off.'

Such a fantasy, we suspect, might have been going through Lady Gaga's mind when she designed these crazy new Polaroid sunglasses. That's right, Polaroid. For some reason, La Gaga is the instant camera company's creative director. So it was naturally to them she turned to turn her latest bonkers idea into reality: a pair of sunglasses which can no longer take eye-level photographs but can display them - or anything else you like - on screens hidden behind the lenses.

Imagine! In GagaWorld, rather than simply struggling to avoid eye contact on the tube, strangers will hide behind pictures of their dog or recent holiday covering their eyes. We're having trouble working out why this is a good idea, but Polaroid seem excited: 'Never before has the world seen fashion, photography and technology come together in one, singular product,' their PR guff bleats.

And Gaga herself? She's on typically modest form. 'I consider myself to be a visionary, not just a songwriter and a singer. I am an artist,' she explains. 'I brought my vision and love of fashion, technology and obsession with the future into all of my work with Polaroid.'

If you want to drive yourself insane, click through to Engadget and read the whole PR release - it's a gem. Or just imagine life in Gaga-world, where you need never see another human eye. The glasses will be out next year, apparently, so enjoy human society while it lasts.

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