Gadgets for the discriminating millionaire

Not one for the sales? If you're still in the mood for gratuitous purchasing, or stuck for a present for the billionaire in your life we've uncovered the place for you. Time to check out the world’s poshest gadgets from American department store Neiman Marcus’ Christmas book. 

Think of it as Woolworth’s Big Red Book but with dollar signs and a lot more zeros.

For the lady who has everything, how about a mobile phone encrusted with pink and white diamonds?

If you like the touch screen of the iPhone but always wished it could be much, much larger, put in an order for the 8 foot by 3 foot Interactive Media Wall. 

The fully functional submarine, complete with leather seats and gemstone keychain looks intriguing, but we’re saving our money for next year. Hopefully the 2008 catalogue will be offering sapphire-studded stiletto hoverboots. 

(Image: from neimanmarcus.com)

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