Top gadgets for Christmas presents!

Finding it difficult to come up with a good Christmas gift idea? Fear not - we've rounded up some fantastic gadgets for Christmas that are sure to put a smile on the face of even the pickiest recipient! All of these gadgets can be found online at sites like gadgets.co.uk, iwantoneofthose.com and firebox.com.

1. The iPhone desktop phone

At first glance, you might wonder why anyone would want to convert their slick iPhone into a clunky, traditional desktop phone. But if you're used to having extended conversations on your mobile, you may know the answer. It's hard to beat the comfort of cradling the receiver on the crook of your neck during a good old fashioned natter. Pop your iPhone into this clever gadget and chat away! It also doubles as iPhone speakers and chargers your phone while in use.

2. Dancing cat mp3 speaker

Well why not? Just plug in your audio device and watch this funky feline move in time to the music! If that ever gets old (and we doubt it), you can also use the cat as a regular mp3 speaker.

3. Spider catcher

Spiders give us the creeps, so we're hoping someone gets us one of these clever gadgets for Christmas! Deal with any wee beasties at arm's length by catching and releasing them safely outdoors. It's also great for wasps and bees!

4. Arctic Force snowball blaster

If this winter is going to be anything like the last couple, this snowball gun will provide hours of entertainment. At least if you're not on the receiving end, that is...

5. Booklight with eReader adapter

Here's a nice sensible choice for the bookworm in your life: a tiny but powerful booklight that can also be used on eReaders. So if you want to turn the backlight off or snuggle down with a good book after dark, ask for one of these gadgets for Christmas!

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