Gadget Show tix up for grabs

We love The Gadget Show. Not only does it contain the extremely cute and enthusiastic Suzi Perry at just the right time on a Saturday morning (well, the replay does, anyway), the show is jam-packed with interesting features and is presented by a group of passionate tech heads who are very good at what they do (did we mention Suzi Perry already? Good.) Anyway, The Gadget Show Live 2010, which is one of the premier tech events in the UK calendar has just had its run at the Birmingham NEC Arena extended (it now runs from 7-11 April), and that means that there are extra tickets up for grabs. Quick though; availability is limited and they might have even sold out by the time you read this. So get on it right here.

Here’s what you can expect from the show if you do get a ticket: the TV show’s presenters will perform a live version of the TV programme and there will be a range of special theatres and features on the top gadgets of the past, present and future. More than 180 exhibitors will be showing their latest creations at The Gadget Show Live 2010, including Panasonic, LG, Sanyo, PC World and Nintendo.

‘We’ve never heard of a tenancy being extended in this fashion before, it’s a real indication of the nation’s enthusiasm for the latest technology,’ said Event Director Matt Hodgins. ‘This will be the biggest ever consumer electronics show in the UK, with the world’s leading manufacturers, top tech brains and a huge range of exhilarating and intriguing experiences all under one roof. But we do encourage people to buy tickets soon as they’re selling out fast.’ What are you waiting for?

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