We check out what's on offer at The Gadget Shop in Leicester

It doesn't matter what age you are, or whether you're a boy or a girl, when it comes to gadgets there's just something that makes us all feel like kids on Christmas morning... we'll some of us anyway! For those of you who like to pick up the occasional new toy to play with, you'll absolutely love some of the stuff on offer at The Gadget Shop in Leicester.

Located at 25 High Street in Leicester's LE1 4FP postal area, the store has a huge array of toys, gizmos, gadgets and technological wonders to keep even the most serious of minds amused for hours on end. Even if you're not interested in the high tech side of things, you'll be able to check out some of the brain teasers on offer including puzzles, quizzes and block based problems.

With so much variety on offer in store, don't be surprised if you end up leaving with an awful lot less money than you had when you entered, but given the quality of the merchandise carried by the store it will certainly be money well spent.

We particularly recommend the store to single men, or anyone who has convinced their significant other to let them have free reign of a room in the house. You'll be able to choose from mini (and full sized) pool tables, neon bar style signs, witty t-shirts, fancy beer mugs and all kinds of electronic and battery powered devices.

For kids there's also plenty on offer ranging from remote control cars and helicopters to fun plush toys, so make sure that you add it to your list of must see stores in the Leicester area!

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