T-Mobile G1 Mobile Phone Price

T-Mobile's G1 mobile phone, also called the 'HTC Dream', is an android phone designed for social networking and mobile internet. Users have instant access to YouTube, Facebook, mobile chat services, GoogleTalk and even GoogleMaps instantly from the mobile's menu. The G1 model was the first android phone brought out by T-Mobile and isn't available on any other network in the UK or Europe. G1 mobile prices vary depending on the contract you take out, or if you purchase the model as a pay-as-you-go phone.


Contract - T-Mobile, £30 per month

The G1 phone is available from T-Mobile at £30 per month (reduced from £40). There are two packages available for the phone: flext and combi. The combi package offers 800 free minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited mobile internet browsing, subject to fair usage policy. The flext package is only available with T-Mobile's web'n walk plus, but includes 1,250 free minutes or 2,500 free text (or a mix of the two) and free mobile internet browsing. You'll have to check with a T-Mobile store if the flext package is still available as it may retail at the original £40 price, or differ in price significantly if you need to purchase the web'n walk plus device as well.

The G1 phone is exclusive to T-Mobile. If you just want to buy the handset or purchase a pay-as-you-go model not on the T-Mobile network you will have to buy a second-hand, unlocked phone. Even pay-as-you-go models sold second hand must be unlocked for other simcards to work on the G1.


Pay as you Go - Amazon

G1 mobile phone prices on Amazon range from £89.99 (used) to £249.99 (new). Used G1 phones will vary in price depending on the supplier or provider, and the price may not include shipping. You can view the G1 phone price and all other buying options for the model at:



Pay as you Go - eBay and Similar Sites

Because the G1 is exclusive to T-Mobile you won't be able to purchase them at most retailers. Carphone Warehouse and other similar companies may not stock the model, but you can check with them and may only be able to sign-up for a contract. However, unlocked, pay-as-you-go G1 mobiles are also available from bidding sites such as eBayor Gumtree. You need to make sure the handset is unlocked before purchasing if you want it to work on another network. The G1 mobile phone price will vary considerably on second hand/bidding sites, but you'll probably finder a cheaper second hand phone than anywhere else.

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