Future Foto

Now that everyone has a camera in their phone, another in their iPod and quite possibly one in their watch, it's a wonder there's still any money to be made from making standalone snappers. But there is, and if you want to see the latest cutting-edge camera designs there's only one place to go - Photokina, the biannual photography expo in Colgne, Germany.

The latest Photokina has just begun, and already a host of exciting new models have been showcased. Fujifilm showed off its handsome FinePix X100, which combines retro looks with a 12.3 megapixel sensor and a funky hybrid optical/electronic viewfinder.

Casio, better known for calculators than cameras, showed off fournewpoint-and-shoot snappers, including one featuring that can geo-tag your photos with the location at which they were taken even if they're taken indoors.

Pentax demonstrated its new Optio RZ10, which packs a 10x optical zoom into a petite point-and-shoot case and comes in a range of funky colours.

So who knows? Maybe your next camera won't be a phone after all...

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