Funky House Phones - Making Phone Calls Fun!

Making phone calls has become a chore. Not as fast, cheap or convenient as other ways of communicating but still essential. Why not add a bit of fun into the chore though with a funky house phone? 70% of Britons still use their house phone on a daily basis so it will not be going anywhere anytime soon.

House phones come in an infinite assortment of shapes and sizes for every taste and personality. If you want an American Football phone for your NFL crazed son's room or a delightfully retro pink neon phone for your 70's inspired living room, www.noveltytelephone.com has it all.

Novelty telephone.com has to have one of the biggest and most varied product ranges I have seen on the web with literally more funky house phones then you can shake your old handset at!

If your funky phone of choice is of a more classical disposition then be sure to check out www.1-noveltyphones.com they have a huge selection of antique and antique imitation handset at very reasonable prices.

Of course the novelty phones work in almost exactly the same way as your standard handset did. Simply jack it in to your phone line and off you go. The only difference is the bucket loads of fun thrown in.

Never again will you have to be depressed by the prospect of making a phone call, Never again need you be bored by your Uncle Harry's inane dribblings! Now every phone call is a hilarious diamond in an otherwise dull world.

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