Fry's QI-Pad

While most of us Brits are still waiting to know how much our coal-guzzling, planet murdering iPads are going to cost when they’re finally unleashed on the public, some Smart Alecs have already got their hands on the latest in fancy tech. Like Stephen Fry for instance, who is a confirmed Smarty Pants and a known Apple freak.

Fry, who is also a good mate of Apple designer Jonathan Ives, has been nice enough to put a video of him unboxing the beast on YouTube - though he wasn't nice enough to show us how the damn thing works. The cheeky scamp. However, we do get the see the peripherals that come with it, including one of those weird flat keyboards that they love so much, and plugs. However, Fry has said that a review will be along shortly, so hopefully we’ll get a proper look at the iPad very soon. Fingers crossed, eh?

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