From the bargain bin

Two years after the netbook first started redefining computer prices, the $100 laptop has arrived.

OK, technically it's not a laptop - it's a 'smartbook,' which is geek-speak for a netbook-like device that doesn't run a full operating system. Instead, the Augen (no, we never heard of them either) Genbook 74 runs a little OS you might have heard of, called Android.

Android 1.6 to be precise, which means it's running inferior software to the latest Android mobile phones. But then, that's fair enough, as it's running inferior hardware, too. With just a 400MHz processor and 128MB of RAM, this is a seriously budget device. And as you can see from this Engadget video, it's super-slow.

But, say Engadget, it's fine for sending a quick email or checking some headlines over breakfast. And you could buy one for every room in the house for the price of an iPad...

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