From Street View to Street Slide

'Anything you can do, we can do better.' So Microsoft has been trying to show its rivals for some years now. First it took on Apple's iPod with Zune; that didn't work out so well. Then it took on Google's dominance of search with Bing, and the latest figures suggest that's going a little better.

Now Redmond is taking on Google again, this time targeting Street View. Bing already offers a version of Google's ultra-fun but tabloid-baiting service. But, Microsoft point out, it's kind of crappy to use if you're trying to move around a neighborhood.

Enter Street Slide.

OK, that video's a big long and science-y (we lose interest when people start talking about 'hyper-parallax effects'). But the idea is pretty nifty, no?

This is a few months or years away from primetime yet, so Google may hold the advantage in mapping for some time. And, of course, they could always have a go at something similar themselves.

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