Fring: Anything Skype can do, we can do better

We feel kinda sorry for Fring. The internet-calling service has always offered many features more than its better-known brother Skype, being first with video calling over 3G and group video calling, but it's never been as well known as its rival. So when the world (including us) made a fuss earlier this week about the fact that Skype has finally introduced a proper iPad app, we can imagine plates being thrown at Fring headquarters, because Fring had just done the same.

Like Skype, Fring had been available on the iPad already, but just as an iPhone app that scaled rather inelegantly up to fill the screen. And, just like Skype, they've now introduced a proper iPad app complete with group video-calling. This is great for users, as Apple's FaceTime now has not one but two major rivals, all of which offer group video calling and video calling over 3G, both of which FaceTime doesn't.

But it'll hopefully also mean a boost in awareness for Fring. If only they'd got their app out a month or so ago, they'd have lapped up all the attention...

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