Friend overload

How long have you been surfing the internet for, right now? An hour? Two hours? How much of that time have you spent on Facebook? Half? Three-quarters?

Social networking has become central to our web experience in recent years, and now there's a browser that wants to make it central to the, well, browser too. RockMelt is a new browser that's just launched in 'private beta' (meaning you can't download it right now, but give them your email address and it'll just be a matter of time).

RockMelt cooks Facebook and Twitter right into the browser window. It puts a column on the left and right of the screen, the left showing your Facebook friends, the right your Twitter news feed and alerts from other sites you want to keep an eye on. The idea is that you can quickly chat with online friends, share links, and generally socialise yourself quickly and easily from the browser.

There's a crowded browser market these days, so we'll have to see what happens, but we think it could be well worth joining RockMelt's waiting list.

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