Friday dating advice for a weekend romance

WebTwitcher has noticed an increasing number of amorous readers searching for advice on how to pick up the girl/man of their dreams. Seeing as it's Friday and you'll soon be off to wreak havoc around the opposite sex this weekend, I thought I'd offer some advice before you set off on your expeditions.

First, if it's the date you're after, why not try your luck at one of your local speed dating events. Have a look at Speed Dater to find out where they're being held. Alternatively, if you find the concept of a three minute time limit to impress your date somewhat intimidating, you could try from a selection of new dating games that are currently sweeping the nation. If you've been out of the dating picture for a while and you need to find out the difference between Toothing and Dinner in the Dark, a visit to iVillage's essential guide to dating in 2006 is a must.

Being a more traditional lass, WebTwitcher would prefer a wine tasting evening against the high pressure of a speed date...but the wireless flirting craze currently popular in the US will no doubt be upon us soon, and that should certainly make for interesting coffee breaks in Starbucks.

Don't forget the more traditional way of meeting a date either - sign up with a good online dating service (Excite's Flirt is a great place to find a love match).

For bloggers' views on the dating game, WebTwitcher is currently following the excellent A Spinster's Quest - 50 ways to find a lover. Essential reading for the girls! And for the men? A visit to Dave's Davebakedpotato blog will shed some light on the speed dating experience from a guy's perspective. Both very enlightening!


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