Freshly squeezed web TV free, Joost arriving

Just when you thought you'd got the hang of the new web lingo, and you've been lazily slipping "hey, Skype me" into bar conversations, Joost comes along.

Saving you from sure fire pub humiliation if you've not heard the latest buzz word service to hit the industry since Excite MIX, here is a layman's description.

Joost is the new service about to be launched (date not announced) that will give us telly on the internet (in geek speak: it's IPTV - Internet Protocol Television). It will provide us reality TV addicted mortals with "near high definition" programming, supported by advertising.

Skype (the tech gods behind Joost) say the service will be gratis and will free viewers from the restrictions of regular TV schedules.

Skype founders, Janus Friis and Niklas Zennstrom, said that the service would offer "high-quality, full-screen video", much better than video-sharing websites like everybody's favourite YouTube.

If you want to stay bang up to date with Joost news, track the latest from their blog via RSS on your MIX page - get the feed below.


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