Freedom beckons

The debate rages on in the blogosphere about whether Apple's restrictive approach to mobile devices is better than Google's more open approach. Is it better, for example, to be able to install any software you want like Android users can, or to be restricted to what Apple will allow in the App Store like iOS users?

But of course, there is a 'third way.' iOS jailbreakers smugly get the best of both worlds - iOS' ease of use with Android's flexibility - and all it costs them is a bit of geeky faffing around.

And the latest iOS jailbreak has just come out. iOS 4.3.1 users can now jailbreak their iPhones, iPod Touches, iPads - and even Apple TVs - and gain a host of extra features. It's free, but it does involve a bit of downloading and messing around - the days when you could jailbreak just by visiting one website in your phone's browser are, sadly, long gone.

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