Look around your house. Don't you have a hell of a lot of crap?

We mean, really. That old printer you replaced. Your seven old mobile phones. Clothes that don't fit you any more. (Yeah, of course you're on a diet.) You don't want to throw them away. Why not sell them on eBay? Ugh, but there are those seller's fees which mean if no-one wants them I'll have lost money.

Or not! The auction giant has just announced a change of policy - they're getting rid of seller's fees for the first 50 sales each user makes a month. For those of us who don't make a living selling things on the site, that means we basically get to sell for free. Well, OK, not free - we'll still pay a share of our total take to the site as comission. But the up-front fees are goooone, at least unless you add any funky special options.

So what are you waiting for? Go sell that vintage 1990 Bros t-shirt now.

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