We show you where to find free Microsoft games download

Do you own one of Microsoft's excellent Xbox 360 consoles? If so, you can make your console so much better simply by connecting it to the internet and availing of the unbelievable Xbox Live service that offers online gaming and the ability to download a huge number of games for super cheap prices. In this blog we are going to guide you through free Microsoft games download and even recommend a few of our favourites.

All you have to do to get downloading is hook your Xbox up to the internet and create a "Gamer Profile" for yourself. This is basically your online ID from which other gamers can identify you. You can add funds to your Xbox Live Gamer Profile using a credit card, or else you can buy pre-paid cards from most games stores. These come in denominations of Microsoft Points.

The downloadable games service on Xbox Live is called the Xbox Live Arcade, and it contains a huge number of games, ranging in price from 400 points (around £5) to 1200 points (around £15). These games range in type from old arcade classics like Street Fighter 2, to original games made especially for Xbox 360 like Geometry Wars.

If we were to recommend a game for you to check out it would be Geometry Wars, and this game costs just 400 Microsoft points. It is an old school twin stick shooter that is all about racking up high scores. For all the info on what games are up on Xbox Live, we recommend checking out xbox.com/live.


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