Free laptops with T Mobile, check this out!

The idea of getting free laptops with your T Mobile might sound like a shot in the dark but we have found a great website that is offering just this. The best news is they are not just giving you a cheap laptop, this is quite the piece of kit! Hit up the 'Buy Mobile Phones' website and let's see what they have to offer.

The website is very easy to navigate, so go ahead and click on the 'free stuff' link. Here you will see the great offer of a free Acer laptop. All you have to do is choose one of the many mobiles phones available with this offer and you are good to go.

The Acer Extensa laptop is a serious machine. This great laptop is packing an Intel Celeron 575 2.0GHz Processor. It has 1GB of DDR2 RAM and a 160GB Hard Drive. It even has a DVD writer optical drive.

The only downfall to the laptop is the fact that they have pre-installed Windows Vista. With 1gb of RAM this laptop would struggle but you can always downgrade to a copy of XP. Then the laptop should run really smooth - not bad for a free laptop!

There really is no better deal than getting a free laptop no strings attached. It may be hard to believe but check out the Buy Mobile Phones website and see for yourself. With a huge selection and free laptop with T Mobile purchase, you really can't go wrong.

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