Free laptops for students in the UK

Free laptops for students in the UK will help you keep up with your studies, online and offline. These laptops may not have massive hard drives or every bell and whistle, but they are still better than public internet cafes.

Free Laptops for Students Eligibility

The parents of children between age of seven and 14 in the UK who qualify can save money by taking advantage of the government's free laptops program. Special needs students and those under the care of the government also qualify for the grant that covers the laptop purchase and broadband internet access for a full year.

Free Laptops for Students Configurations

Students can have the free laptops outfitted with productivity software for word processing, spreadsheets and internet use. You can use part of the laptop grant to purchase USB hubs or USB Memory cards. Students may keep the laptops unless they fail to continue their studies. The grant for broadband internet access only covers the first year.

Free Laptops for Students Program

The free laptops for UK students scheme is a step in the direction of access for all. It helps students stay organised and complete assignments in a timely manner. University students can apply to receive a free laptop if attending schools that have bursaries with funding for laptop purchases.

Free Laptops for Students in the UK Applications

Stop dragging files around on a USB Memory stick - call 0333 200 1004 to get an application. A personal computer is a smarter way to keep track of school assignments.

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