Free Laptops for People on Benefits

If you're on any form of benefits you'll probably only receive the basic living allowance and a weekly taxable income of around £53.45 per week. Your rent expenses may be paid while you're on benefits and you may receive other allowances, but none of these incentives are enough to buy a new laptop. However, new government schemes are offering free laptops for people on benefits, providing certain criteria is met.

Anyone who isn't eligible for a free laptop can still find one elsewhere. In 2010 the "Home Access Scheme" came into affect. The scheme allows poor families, or families receiving benefits, to apply for a grant which can be used to purchase a laptop (or desktop computer) and broadband access. The package varies depending on the circumstances of the applicant; some grants offer a laptop and full broadband access for a year, others only offer serviced computers and support or a grant for full internet access without a laptop is available.

Additional devices, such as printers or USB memory sticks, are not included in the grant and must be paid for by the recipient.

Free laptops for people on benefits are also available from charitable organisations. Many organisations have strict eligibility criteria, so it's important to apply only to organisations which are relevant to current circumstances. Applicants will normally receive a grant, which must be used for a laptop if that was the main reason for the application.

Charitable organisations and foundations don't just hand out money to anyone who applies; you need to present your case and your reasons for the grant money, how it will be used and how it will benefit you or your family.

Free laptops for people on benefits (or anyone else) could be sought from recycling websites, such as Free Cycle or Gumtree, where users either trade their unwanted laptops or offer them for free. You have to be quick if you want to grab laptops for free before someone else. Otherwise, a charity shop or discount store may be a viable alternative if all other means have already been used; you won't get a free laptop but you may get a discounted model.

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