Free Laptops for low income families in Scotland

Laptops are a great way to keep up with the digital revolution and especially essential for children studying at school. Children are being taught to use computers and the most effective way for them to learn is to own one, or have access to a computer regularly. However, laptops don't come cheap. Free laptops for low income families in Scotland can be sought through a variety of means in this case, either to help with the costs or provide a free model for use.


Laptops for low income families in Scotland might be available from your local school, either on long-term loan or for a short period of time. The school might even be able to point you in the direction of a scheme or organisation that could provide a family laptop, especially if your child is taking IT lessons in school (which would require a computer of some form at home to advance learning).

Government Schemes

A few years ago the government ran a "Home Access" scheme offering free laptops to low income families in Scotland and the rest of the UK. Although this scheme isn't currently running, there might be more in the future, or alternative schemes to help with the cost of purchasing a laptop. Contact your local authority for any information or take a look on Directgov for the latest schemes; some are first come first serve, so you need to get your application in as soon as you see a scheme that could benefit your family.

Community Recycling Groups

Local groups, youth groups, churches or other organisations in your community might provide some kind of finance for a laptop, or laptop loans and cheap laptop sales to help families. This isn't an guaranteed method of obtaining a laptop but it certainly won't hurt to look around.

Charitable Organisations

Look for local charities in Scotland that offer free computers or laptops. Although there isn't a definitive list available there are various "recycling" circles that take laptops and distribute them to charities across the UK for other purposes, which means some organisations in your area might receive recycled laptops for families on a low income.

Freecycle and Ad Sites

Freecycle (http://www.uk.freecycle.org/) is an online group where people post ads for unwanted items. There are often ads for free laptops for families in Scotland and across the UK, but this is always on a first come first serve basis so you'll need to keep an eye on the listings. Other sites, such as Gumtree.com, might also have ads for cheap or free laptops.

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