Free iPhone movie streaming!

Got an iPhone? Like your movies? Don’t have 6 months off work to burn your DVD collection on to your portable smartphone? Then welcome stage left the brand-spanking new app Movie Vault – the first ever proper movie streaming application for the iPhone.

Movie Vault has already been soaring high in the iPad app chart so it was inevitable that it’s little but older brother the iPhone would be joining the party soon. The good points of Movie Vault: over 1000 movies to stream, works over Wi-Fi and 3, has a nice link into IMDB and it won’t have to pay for every film you watch. The bad points: the app costs £1.79 and the films are a more than a little obscure unless you’ve been itching to see John Wayne or Judy Garland’s least favourite movies.

For half the price of a rented film from Blockbuster, you can’t really complain can you? Well, you could if you thought it was utter rubbish.

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