Free Google Sat Nav for iPhone

Google maps on the iPhone is tremendous; with it you can never use the ‘I got lost’ excuse. But when it comes to using 3rd party Satnav apps such as TomTom (which pretty much do the same except there’s a soothing voice patronising you every 300 yards) you have to shell our a wallet busting £59.99 for the privilege, not to mention the GBs of storage they take up.

Well, enter Google Maps Navigation, the web giant’s free sat nav for the Android phone and the iPhone. The Android in the US has already been doing the business Stateside and looks like it’s about to be unveiled in the UK - and best of all for FREE - but there are still question marks around the iPhone; Steve Lee from Google said he is ‘evaluating other platforms’ before committing to releasing it on the popular Smartphone.

Of the tool will also need to jump through Apple’s rigorous hoops before we see it on the iPhone so don’t panic, you have plenty of time to think of some other excuses why you’re late.

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